Friday, November 21st, a fire destroyed our entire warehouse including all of the products and parts contained within. Please bear with us during this time as we work through this with a lot of faith, hard work and determination to make this business better and stronger than ever. We will keep everyone updated as we receive new products and replacement parts. Please email us at with detailed information including your name, address and the replacement part and number needed, found in your user manual. We will continue the selling of other brands.

Power Racks & Cages

Powerline Power Rack PPR200X by Body Solid

Powerline Power Rack PPR200X by Body Solid SKU: PPR200X

  • Powerline Exclusive 10 Year Warranty!
  • 18 Start/Stop Positions
  • Wide Walk-In Design
  • Includes 2 Heat-Tempered Lift Offs and 2 Saber Style Safety Rods
  • Upright Pillars are a Full 24" Apart for Free Motion
  • 41" Wide Knurled Chinning Bar
  • Assembled Dimensions: 82"H x 44"L x 46"W
Sale Price: $375.00
Yukon Power Rack  PRK-127

Yukon Power Rack PRK-127 SKU: PRK-127

  • 22 Numbered Height Settings
  • Built-in Chrome Chin-Up Bar
  • Use with Yukon Flat Incline-Decline Bench
  • Numbered Peg Holes for Easy Adjustment
  • Larger Frame Produces Deeper Inside Area with 26"" of Unrestricted Space for Workouts
  • Weight - 152 lbs
  • Larger Interior makes Bench Movement Easier
  • 81/4"""" Heavy Reinforcement Plates Provide Great Stability
  • Heavy Chrome Spotter Arms
  • Capacity - 800 lbs.
  • A 15% Restocking Fee will be charged for Returns on Yukon Products
Sale Price: $529.99
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