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I made a single purchase or purchase attempt with you but my account shows more than one charge. Why was I charged multiple times?

This is a case of captured funds. This simply means that when you attempted your order initially, your bank declined some of the data that was provided (billing address, billing name, expiration date or CVV2 code). Each time you attemped the order and the purchase was the declined, funds were captured. The funds are “captured” from your available balance when you begin placing the order with the expectation of the charge being approved. Since the data that is entered must match the information on record with your credit/debit card company, they cannot approve the charge if the data is incorrect. These funds will remain held from the available balance in your account approximately 3-5 business/banking days or however long your bank’s policy requires. This is a policy of your bank, not Bayou Fitness. If the charge declined for incorrect information, Bayou Fitness does not have your money or any order for that specific transaction. You can always verify with your bank that the funds are “captured” by phoning the number on the back of your card and asking this specific question. Since Bayou Fitness does not have your funds in a case such as this and these policies are those of banking institutions and not Bayou Fitness, unfortunately there is not anything we can do to change the issue.

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