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What do I do if my item is delivered to me damaged?

Carefully remove the item from the external packaging and retain the packaging until you are satisfied with your product. If you note any minor damage to the product (broken or damaged plastic, rubber or padded pieces, missing parts or damage to easily removable parts such as consoles, base tube, pedals or handles) after assembling and testing the item, please review your user’s manual for part numbers and names. After completing a list of needed parts, contact the manufacturer of the item to request these parts under your warranty. Please note that only Bayou Fitness, EF, E-Series & X-Mark brand products are warranted by Bayou Fitness; all other products have warranties covered directly with their manufacturer and Bayou Fitness is unable to assist you with this. If the item is severely damaged (bad damage to the steel/aluminum frame) then please contact Bayou Fitness to request a Damaged Call Tag. This will require that you package the item in the original box and have the shipper come out to your location to pick up and inspect the product. This request for a Damaged Call Tag can take several weeks to complete if the item shipped from a non-Bayou Fitness location. Once the item is received back to the shipping location and inspected either a refund or a reshipment will be offered.

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