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I purchased a non-Pilates Total Trainer. Instead of one long leg cuff rope, I have one rope with a loop on one end and a clip on the other measuring approximately 47" long. I also have 2 ropes measuring approximately 34" long with a clip on each end and an extra chrome circle ring. When I try to engage the leg curl rope it is too short and by clipping the two together the clip hits the pulley and won't work. Do I need a longer rope? What am I doing wrong?

You do have the correct assembly. The longer rope is part number 82. The loop end of that goes around the glideboard rope retainer pulley (part number 39). The rope clip (part number 25) on the other end attaches to the metal O ring. If you are wishing to use the assembly as a single leg cuff (for hamstring, adductor and abductor workouts), you would connect one of the short ropes (part number 134) to the O ring and connect an ankle cuff to the other end of that short rope. If you are wishing to use the assembly as a double leg cuff (for lower ab, hamstring  and glute workouts), you would connect both short ropes (part number 134) to the O ring individually then connect an ankle cuff to each of those so one cuff can go on each ankle.

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