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How do I fold my dual rail Total Trainer?


1.       Place the unit at the very lowest level and remove all attachments and accessories from the Trainer.

2.     Place the arm rope handles over the top bar grip.

3.       Kneel at the center of the glide rails with the resistance rail at your left.

4.      With one hand gently resting (but placing no pressure) on the resistance rail, unscrew the ridged circular knob (this is called the Brace Lock Pin) found in center of the glide rails. The knob takes longer to unscrew than you would at first assume but when the knob is thoroughly unscrewed you will feel the shaft turning rather than unthreading.

5.      While making sure one hand is still gently resting on the resistance rail, pull out on the Brace Lock Pin. This is a spring loaded pin so you will need to pull with gentle but firm force.

6.        While pulling out on this pin, lower the resistance rail toward the center of the unit and release the pin.

7.      You may now grasp the folding handle located to the right of the Brace Lock Pin and pull upwards to roll the unit together using the transport wheels on the bottom of the resistance rail.


Click Here for: Setup & Folding Video


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