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How does the dual leg cuff assembly work on the Pilates Total Trainers?

The Total Trainer Pilates Pro with 21 Levels and Total Trainer Pilates System with 19 Levels have unique dual leg cuff assemblies. This is a type of assembly exclusive to these two units and is not available on any other Total Trainer. Rather that using the single leg cuff rope (the long rope that accompanies the Total Trainer Pilates units with a loop on one end and an ankle cuff on the opposite end) the Pilates dual leg cuff assembly uses the arm rope (the long rope with a rope clip on each end and swivel pulleys loose in the middle that is used for most exercises on the gym). To assemble this dual leg cuff attachment a user would first remove the arm handles/curl bar/ab strap from the arm rope and arrange the rope in the three point pulley assembly. Next the ankle cuff should be removed from the single leg cuff assembly and clipped to one end of the arm rope. The next step will involve a short "extension" rope that came with your Trainer. This is a short rope with a loop on one end and an ankle cuff on the other. This should be attached to the opposite end of the arm rope from the first ankle cuff by hooking the loop on the end into the rope clip. This will complete the dual leg cuff assembly.

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