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Product Overview:

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000 XL Home Gym

Model 4000-XL

  • Fully Assembled
  • 11 Levels of Resistance
  • 14" x 46" Glide Board
  • Super Tuff (TPU-90-AE) Rollers  Lift from 4% to 69% of User's Body Weight
  • 3 & 4 Point Pulley System Deluxe Double Stitched Box Cushion
  • Strength Training Attachments and Accessories
    • Toe Bar
    • Bicep Curl Press Bar
    • Power Weight Bar for Adding Free Weights
    • Pull-up / Push-up Bar
    • Sit-up Cuff Strap
    • Heavy Duty Squat Board
    • Independent Twin Handles
    • Dual Leg Cuffs
  • Four Program Cards, Instructional Manual and DVD
  • Oversized Castors for Easy Transport
  • Folds and Rolls for Easy Storage
  • Folded Footprint - 20" x 14" x 50" in Height
  • Open Footprint - 20" x 94" x 48" in Height
  • 385 Pound User Capacity
  • Maximum User Height 6' 7"
  • Shipping Weight - 97 Pounds

Introducing the Bayou Total Trainer® 4000 XL with a striking patriotic red, white and blue logo on the cushion. The 4000 XL has a 385 pound user capacity with 11 levels of resistance. Unlike anything before, the new Super Tuff Roller System (TPU-90-AE) delivers an exceptionally smooth ride that is unparalleled to any unit on the market today.

No Competitor Includes More Than Total Trainer ®

Bayou is now proud to offer the Total Trainer with Pilates Toe Bar included.

The Total Trainer with the Pilates Toe bar can truly revolutionize your workout by giving you a full-range of strength, aerobic and Pilates exercises.

Longer Glide Board
The longer glide board makes the user more comfortable while performing exercises with your feet on the cushion. The longer cushion is an added benefit to everyone.

Deluxe 2" Double Stitched Box Cushion
The cushion has been upgraded with a Top Grade High Density Foam. Unlike other cushions which are 1" to 1.5" thick, Bayou Total Trainer® cushions are a full 2" thick.

Many exercises are performed with your knees on the cushion. The thicker cushion will help prevent bruising to the knees.

Higher Level of Resistance
Many home gyms sold today have 6 levels of resistance. Bayou's 4000 XL has 11 FULL levels of resistance that will push your workout to the max.

The resistance rail is 48" high. At level 11, the maximum resistance level, you will be lifting 69% of your body weight, before adding additional weight to the Power Bar.

Features, Attachments and Accessories
385 Pound Weight Capacity

Toll FREE Customer Support

(800) 847-3988

Maximum User Height - 6' 7"

Heavy Duty Squat Board

4000XL with a Patriotic

Red, White and Blue Logo

TPU-90-AE Rollers

Testing has shown that the safest and quickest way to define your hips, thighs and buttocks is by focusing on one muscle group at a time.
the Bicep Curl Press Bar is interchangeable with the conventional twin handle system, which makes the Total Trainer
® more versatile.
The sit-up cuff strap has been lengthened to accommodate a larger shoe size.

Weights Not Included

The power bar allows you to add standard free weights to the Total Trainer®. Advanced users add weight to increase the resistance while performing exercises such as leg squats, calf raises, etc.
This attachment is included with all Bayou Fitness Total Trainers
® and is used for leg squats, calf raises and many other exercises.
This attachment is used for an assortment of exercises including: pull-ups, chin-ups, shoulder press, behind neck press and push-ups.

The Total Trainer
® folds and rolls for easy storage. Other machines are complicated to learn and cannot be tucked away.

The Total Trainer® easily folds up in a matter of seconds and rolls for trouble free storage.

Compare other
Total Trainers® and find the right one for you.

Strength Training with Total Trainer®
To reach your optimum health and fitness level, strength training is a definite must. Strength training is exercising with resistance.

The Total Trainer® utilizes your body weight for resistance, eliminating the need for heavy weights.

You can adjust the percentage of your body weight lifted, from 4% to 69%, by moving the incline up or down. This gives you safe and effective results.

If you want to lose fat and slow down the aging process, you must strength train to add muscle, burn calories, and to look and feel young again.

In short, you need Total Trainer®.

14 Custom Programs
You can be your own personal trainer. Each Total Trainer® comes with exercise cards that allow you to personalize and track your training program.

You select the programs that meet your needs ... from the Warm-up / Cool Down Program to the Total Body Circuit Program.

Below are programs especially designed for women, men, abdominal, lower back, hip, thigh and buttocks.

Approx. Time
Per Set
Program Description
1 Warm-up/Cool Down 5-6 mins. Warm-up/cool down before and after program
2 Design Your Own Program Various List the exercises in the order you wish to perform them
3 Beginner/Express Program 6-8 mins. Multi joint program exercising 2 or 3 muscle groups per exercise
4 Intermediate Program 15-20 mins. More challenging workout using 12 major muscle groups
5 Advanced Women's Program 20-25 mins. Very challenging workout using 12 major muscle groups
6 Advanced Men's Program 20-25 mins. Very challenging workout using 12 major muscle groups
7 Split Program Day 1 12-15 mins. Works back, shoulders, biceps and forearms
8 Split Program Day 2 12-15 mins. Works legs, chest, triceps and abdominals
9 Express Circuit 10-12 mins Express program with 4 one-minute aerobic stations
10 Total Body Circuit 20-25 mins. Total body program with 4 four-minute aerobic stations
11 Youth Program 6-8 mins. Multi-joint program
12 Abdominal Program 6-7 mins. 5 abdominal/lower back exercises
13 Lower Back Program 7-8 mins. 8 lower back, hamstring and abdominal exercises

Hip, Thigh & Buttocks


6-7 mins. 6 lower body exercises

Three Point Pulley System

Four Point Pulley System

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