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Valor CA-10 Speed Bag Platform Mini 2CA0101BM

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Valor Fitness DA-3 Hard Core 12 Gauge Flat Bench 2DA0031BM
Product Overview:

Valor Fitness CA-10 Speed Bag Platform Mini
Model 2CA0101BM

  • 1” x 2” Steel Support Frame
  • ¼’ by 2” Solid Steel Mounting Face Plates
  • 1” Platform
  • Chain Link Swivel
  • One bag
  • Mounting Hardware for either cement or wood
  • Master Case = 26” x 26” x 5”
  • Assembly is Required

The CA-10 Speed Bag Platform Mini packs the same punch as its big brother the CA-2. The only difference is one is adjustable and one is not. If you are the only user and can mount the unit in a fixed postion then this is the unit for you. Same Platform as the CA-2. Same Swivel and same Bag as the CA-2. Holds Small to Medium bags.

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