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Yukon Pec Delt Attachment PEC-175

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Product Overview:

Pec Delt Attachment
Model PEC-175

The Pec Delt Attachment can be added to the following machines:

  • Caribou lll System
  • Caribou Package
  • Power Rack (Large Base)
  • Weight - 45 lbs
  • A 15% Restocking Fee will be charged for Returns on Yukon Products

Perform professional pec deck flies with this easy to use no cable change attachment. Shape and tone your upper body to it's full potential. Each of the independent arms are mounted in pairs of machined bushings to move smoothly through both pre-stretch and contraction strokes. Using a shaped cable cam to match the resistance loading to body movement, this attachment is the finest pectoral workout available. Our most popular attachment for the Caribou.

Are you one among the many frustrated group who are unable to keep up their weight loss or muscle gain goals?These are tried and tested methods to keep you satisfied.

  • Intensive Workout - keep working out until you can't repeat in good form.
  • Take Breaks - Training intensively without breaks may lead to burnout and overstraining.
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  • Take Infrequent Training - Your body needs time to recover and build new muscles.
  • Progressive Training - You should challenge your body by adding weight and reps from the previous time you exercised.

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  • Drivers do not assist with unpacking or setup.
  • Delivery is not available to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.
  • This item cannot be shipped to an APO, FPO or PO Box.



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